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What type of project are you working on?

Written by Tandem AS | Mar 25, 2021 3:42:16 PM

We have two Project Managers and a System Consultant at Tandem, all dedicatedly working on different system-related projects. We have experience of all sizes of projects, and work with companies from small, to medium-sized and large.


Here are a few details of the type of projects we often work with

  • System switching and conversions
    • These are process in which accounts are migrated from one system to another, and different processes linked to your procedures (invoicing, payroll,etc.). Such migrations are often from a traditional, server-based system, to a cloud-based accounting system. 
    • If this process involves changing accountant, we are happy to help during the transition and onboarding for the new system, and will ensure that all elements of such a process are taken care of.
  • Pure implementation projects
    • You may want to keep your regular accountant, but need help to set up and implement the new system? We’re happy to help.
    • We will migrate the accounts and processes from the old server-based system to a new cloud-based accounting system. 
    • Once the project is completed, you can continue working with your previous accountant.
  • Training on a cloud-based system 
    • We will review and conduct a training programme customised to you and your company for cloud-based financial and accounting systems. 
    • We can run training programmes for new and more experienced users of cloud-based systems, either as a standard programme or customised for the company.
    • In other words, a fully-customised training programme is available in which we run the actual training in the format required:
      • One-to-one
      • Group
      • Online
      • Customised materials
Learn more about training on our website.
  • Procedural changes/improvements to a new system
    • When switching system, numerous efficiency gains can be made in terms of a faster, more automated workflow, procedures and hopefully reduced costs for your day-to-day operations. We look at efficient working methods in the new system, and can advise on how to make the best possible use of it.

The projects we work with can be kept within a specific area, or involve several of the elements referred to above.


Feel free to contact us

If you want to know more about the opportunities available, or have questions concerning choice and use of an accounting system, system switching, training or project implementation, contact us for a non-obligatory chat!Want to learn more about Tandem, and how we help you? Contact us