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There are lots of pitfalls related to foreign registered cars in Norway. What are the rules?

Written by Alexander Aalvik | Mar 5, 2021 10:44:03 AM

Rules for using a foreign registered private car in Norway. 

Do you want to use a foreign car in Norway? Then you will need to know if your status permits free use. The main rule is that you can temporarily bring in and use a foreign registered vehicle if you have a permanent place of residence outside of Norway or are only staying temporarily in Norway.


Separate rules for permanent residence in Norway

If you have a permanent place of residence in Norway, the regulations state that in certain cases you can use the vehicle without having to apply for a driving permit. One example is if you are a resident of Norway but have family ties outside of Norway. Documentation of a permanent place of residence outside of Norway could subsequently be that you live with your spouse or children under the age of 18 abroad, and visit then on a regular basis.

You work for up to a year in Norway and are not a resident. You have the possibility of using a foreign registered vehicle during this period. Should you wish to extend your stay to two years, you can apply for a temporary driving permit for the second year. The fact that you have been assigned a D-number does not mean that you have been registered in the Norwegian Population Register as a resident.


When does the period of your stay commence?

Please also note that the period of your stay in Norway commences when you travel into the country and not when the vehicle is imported. Should your circumstances change, you must either take the vehicle out of the country or pay customs duty. Otherwise, you may be charged additional tax and a fee. It can be difficult to determine what rules to adhere to and you must at all times be able to document that you satisfy regulatory stipulations in the event of an inspection.


Use of foreign company car

If it involves a company car for business purposes, you must apply for a driving permit before bringing the car into the country. In certain cases, the car can be used for shorter periods without having to pay customs duty.


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