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Taxation of foreign labour - do you have an overview?

Written by Alexander Aalvik | Mar 5, 2021 10:45:08 AM

Taxation of foreign companies and employees is a subject area that can be both complicated and time-consuming to become familiarised with. Especially when there are ongoing changes to laws and regulations related to reporting that one must deal with.


Many businesses find that it can be difficult to obtain a full overview of the requirements and duties that apply to their operations. The information available on the Internet may be outdated and deficient, especially if you do not know how current the source is. Changes internally within the company during its lifetime may also have an impact on tax liability, and new needs may arise at short notice. That is when it can be appropriate to get help and advice from someone with expertise in this area.


Tandem as a partner

At Tandem we have advisers who can help companies and employees with taxes and fees. We are familiar with what issues companies and employees face when they have to report to the authorities in charge of international sector. In cooperation with the customer, we help the company with practicalities and come up with solutions and provide tips along the way, so that the work processes go as smoothly and quickly as possible.


Among other things, some of the things we can help the customer with are:


  • The Register of Assignments and Employment Conditions (RF 1198 and RF 1199)
  • The ordering of HSE cards
  • The choice of form of company and tax liability
  • Contracts and the hiring of labour
  • Special rules and requirements
  • Deductions


Increased regulatory demands

In recent years, authorities have stepped up the fight against economic crime in various industries where there is an increased risk of money laundering and social dumping. Therefore, in some industries, there are special requirements in the


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