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Tandem holds our tower up in Norway

Written by Tandem AS | May 28, 2021 3:31:18 PM

As a foreign company in Norway, Sintaksa needed a local accountant who knows the market, the industry, and the laws and regulations. As the pandemic hit in 2020, Tandem proved to be a good partner for Sintaksa. 


“After we started our collaboration with Tandem, all our processes are straightforward and easier,'' says Tamara Barlovic, Head of Administration and HR at Sintaksa.  


Sintaksa is an innovative technology company that provides services for electromechanical systems for the hydropower industry. Although the company is headquartered in Croatia, Sintaksa is a global company with 75% of its projects located outside the country borders. As a service provider in the hydropower industry, Norway is a natural destination for Sintaksa. 

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Tamara Barlovic, Head of Administration and HR at Sintaksa. 


A trusted recommendation made Tandem an easy choice

Sintaksa had its first project in Norway in 2019 and became a customer of Tandem a few months later. There are many laws and regulations companies must comply with within Norway. As a foreign company, you must either establish a branch in Norway or a separate Norwegian company. The technology company chose the former–meaning they started a Norwegian Registered Foreign Company (NUF).


For Sintaksa, they needed to have an accountant who knew all of the laws and regulations related to both the industry and running a company in Norway from abroad. Tandem stood out among accounting firms in Norway due to its expertise and experience with international companies. 


“We got a recommendation from another foreign company, which had the same requirements as us. It made it easy to go for Tandem as an accounting firm–and it was a good choice to go for them,” explains Barlovic. 


“At this point, we don’t need to find out who Tandem’s competitors are, simply because we haven’t had a partner who has been so helpful and available,” says Barlovic and smiles. 


Tandem moved Sintaksa’s financial accounts into the cloud with Tripletex, a web-based accounting system. This made it easier and more intuitive for the company to, among other things, run payroll, send invoices, and manage costs.


In Tripletex, all necessary functions are gathered in one and the same solution, which makes it easy to work smart and cost-effectively. In the system, we have timekeeping and travel expenses together with salary, voucher approval and invoicing. In addition to a project tool that gives us a good overview. With continuously updated accounts, it becomes easier to make good decisions.

Read more about Tripeltex here, and how we can help you set it up. 


A valuable partner through the pandemic

Sintaksa, similar to other global companies, has not been able to travel in the past year due to COVID. Consequently, their choice of accountant became even more important. 


“Tandem has helped us throughout the pandemic with both contracts and information about other Norwegian companies we had to contact. We can say that Tandem holds our "tower" up in Norway,” says Barlovic. 


With 75% of the business being outside Croatia, Sintaksa is dependent on partners who support them. 


“When it comes to experience with similar companies in other countries we all agree that Tandem is one of the best examples of accounting practice. Our experience with Tandem is that they are both professional and competent,” says Barlovic. 




Wants to do more projects in Norway

Sintaksa wants to do more projects in Norway when the pandemic allows. Tandem sees great potential in the technology company to grow further and advises them on how to do it. 


In conclusion, Barlovic says that she can recommend companies to use Tandem. “Their professionalism and expertise are not easy to find, and I’m very happy with the collaboration we have with them.”

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