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Tandem AS

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Tandem holds our tower up in Norway

May 28, 2021 3:31:18 PM By | Tandem AS | 0 Comments | Tripletex Utenlandsk registrert
As a foreign company in Norway, Sintaksa needed a local accountant who knows the market, the industry, and the laws and regulations. As the pandemic hit in 2020, Tandem proved to be a good partner for Sintaksa. 
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Worth knowing about choice of accounting system

Mar 25, 2021 5:04:25 PM By | Tandem AS | 0 Comments |
It’s not always easy to know which accounting system you and your business ought to choose, how it differs from other systems, and how to integrate it with other systems the company uses. To follow is an article on the difference between traditional and cloud-based accounting systems, why the majority opt for moving their accounts to the cloud, and what opportunities advanced cloud-based solutions can offer. Are interaction, simplification, user-friendliness and benefits in the form of enhanced efficiency important to you?
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What type of project are you working on?

Mar 25, 2021 3:42:16 PM By | Tandem AS | 0 Comments |
We have two Project Managers and a System Consultant at Tandem, all dedicatedly working on different system-related projects. We have experience of all sizes of projects, and work with companies from small, to medium-sized and large.
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The skills provided by Tandem

Mar 25, 2021 1:04:47 PM By | Tandem AS | 0 Comments |
Tandem is a company that has continuously built up its skills since it was founded in 1988. Since its establishment, the company has expanded cautiously through unbroken organic growth by means of new hires as and when new clients have joined us. Tandem became a 100% owned company within the OBOS group in 2016. Under the ownership of OBOS, Tandem’s ambitions increased in recognition of an exciting time ahead, in an industry going through change. Tandem is a centre of expertise and a service provider in the areas of accountancy, payroll and financial advice. Through the use of competitive technology, efficient interaction and profitable advice, Tandem’s clients achieve better profitability.  Tandem is big enough to handle complex jobs, yet small enough to be able to provide personal service to our customers. We believe in consistently increasing our skills in the field of accounting, assisting our customers in areas such as technology and systems, project management, consultancy on running their business, HR and personnel, along with tax and duties. We also work closely with a law firm whenever legal assistance is needed.  Our customer base consists of customers from a number of industry sectors, primarily in Greater Oslo. But we do also have a number of international customers, often with a Norwegian division.
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Data analysts get a taste of their own medicine

Mar 25, 2021 12:54:52 PM By | Tandem AS | 0 Comments |
A new business model, new objectives, new reports, new accounting system, new accountant, everything came together according to Business Analyze founder Einar Gynnild.
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