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Nils Bernhard Nilssen

Nils Bernhard er administrerende direktør i Tandem

Latest articles

Withholding tax for foreign workers

Apr 8, 2020 1:24:39 PM By | Nils Bernhard Nilssen | 0 Comments |
A new scheme called "Withholding Tax for Foreign Workers" was introduced in 2019. This applies to people who will have temporary employment in the country. Income is taxed according to the gross method at a fixed rate of 25%. Tax assessment is ongoing and the foreign employee is not required to submit tax returns. Those employees who meet the regulatory requirements are automatically included in the scheme, but it is entirely possible to opt out. Which method of taxation is most beneficial depends on the individual employee's fiscal circumstances.
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Are you going to establish foreign business activities in Norway?

Apr 8, 2020 1:13:42 PM By | Nils Bernhard Nilssen | 0 Comments |
The authorities in Norway set a number of requirements for anyone wishing to start a company and do business. Among other things, the statutory rules concerning your business activities depend on its scope and the business sector. Insufficient knowledge and poor planning can cause major problems and be very costly for the company if mistakes are made. Therefore, it is important to obtain a good overview of the obligations that must be attended to. Tandem AS will provide you with relevant information that must take into consideration at start-up. 
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