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About US

Tandem is an accountancy firm and an OBOS Group company. The company provides services in the fields of finance, accounting, payroll, HR and systems support relating to a range of accounting systems. The company was established in 1988, has more than 30 employees and is based just outside Norway’s capital city of Oslo. Customers served are mainly private sector businesses both in Norway and internationally. Tandem holds AAA rating, is an Authorised Accountant of the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway and member of Accounting Norway (Regnskap Norge).

Our services

Tandem provides financial assistance and advice that spans through a company's different milestones, from the planned establishment of a business to its winding down.

In addition to core services in the areas of accounting and payroll, this involves assistance with, for example, mergers, capital enlargement, corporate evaluations (DD), hiring, drafting of agreements and contracts.

We deliver our accountancy and payroll services through modern cloud-based accounting systems, and we work with several different system suppliers to provide a service platform that is best tailored to the individual customer.

In order for you to operate profitably, we believe it is important to be able to focus on your own competence and core business. As a full economy house, Tandem is able to take 100% responsibility for everything related to the financial management of your business. We can also act as a back-up solution in one or more areas in the case of sickness, leave of absence or annual leave.

Solid financial management is perhaps the most important factor for better management of the business – and an opportunity to become more profitable together.


Company history

Tandem was established in 1988. Since its establishment, the company has expanded through unbroken organic growth by means of new hires as and when new clients have joined us. The accountancy industry has also undergone significant growth due to increased requirements for public reporting, and most of all as a result of the growing number of businesses in a range of industries with differing needs.

In 2013, OBOS became a shareholder in the company and from 2016 Tandem became a 100% owned company within the OBOS Group.
OBOS is a group of companies employing 2,500 people, and carries out the development, production and sale of property and housing. In addition, OBOS has operations within real estate, property management, consulting, banking, debt collection, insurance, property rentals and renewable energy. The business is carried out in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, but with the largest activity in the Oslo region. The Head office is in Oslo, Norway.


Our business concept

Tandem is a centre of expertise and a service provider in the areas of accountancy, payroll and financial advice. Through the use of competitive technology, efficient interaction and profitable advice, Tandem’s clients should achieve better profitability.


Our mission

Tandem aims to facilitate healthy development and increased added value for its clients. The public sector is reliant on a business sector that reports regularly and pays its fair share of taxes and fees on time in order to provide essential funding for welfare initiatives in society. As an authorised accountancy practice, Tandem aims to ensure that all such reporting and payments on behalf of our clients occur in line with all applicable regulations. Through our work, we aim to inspire our clients to behave ethically, be environmentally conscious and create safe workplaces for their employees. This is Tandem’s contribution to the development of a sustainable society.


Our vision

Profitability together! The definition of the word ‘Tandem’ is of two or more units pulling in the same direction. Within this definition, Tandem’s aim is to sit in front of its clients in the boat and always be searching for positive ways to offer value.


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